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Rackspace Cloud computing

Rackspace, formerly known as Mosso, is a strong vendor in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service space. According to Rackspace, 40% of Fortune 100 companies host with Rackspace. The main products that Rackspace offers are -
  1. Cloud Drive offers file storage similar to Amazon's S3. Pricing for Cloud Drive is based upon usage similar to standard cloud offerings. Rackspace charges Cloud Drive for $0.15 per GB of storage space per month. There are no charges for transfer. Typical uses of Storage-as-a-Service is for taking online backup.

  2. Rackspace Server Backup is a product similar to Cloud Drive. It allows Windows or Linux based servers to be backed up at monthly charges of $5 per server per month. These charges are for 10GB of storage. Rackspace Server Backup encrypts, compresses, and transfers data as per defined calendar.

  3. Cloud Sites is a web site hosting product that allows web applications to scale across multiple servers based upon the demand. Rackspace charges $100 per server per month. This includes 50 GB of storage, 500 GB of outgoing bandwidth per month and 10,000 compute cycles per month.

  4. Cloud Servers
  5. Cloud server provide complete acceess to a server. The offering is similar to Amazons EC2. The number of server usage can be changed over time and pricing is done accoringly. Users get root access to the Linux Servers. Pricing of a basic server starts from $11 per month.

    Rackspace charges hourly rates for Cloud Server usage. The hourly pricing for server hosted on the cloud is explained in the table below.

    Cloud Servers hourly charges for Linux servers
    RAM/Disk space Hourly charges Monthly charges
    256 MB/10 GB $0.015 $10.95
    512 MB/ 20 GB $0.03 $21.90
    1024 MB / 40 GB $0.06 $43.80
    2048 MB / 80 GB $0.12 $87.60
    4096 MB / 160 GB $0.24 $175.20
    8192 MB / 320 GB $0.48 $350.40
    15872 MB / 620 GB $0.96 $700.80

    In addition there are charges for bandwidth of $0.22 / GB for bandwidth out and $0.08 / GB for bandwidth in.