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Gogrid provides services in the Infrastructure-as-a-Services space. GoGrid primary product offering is called Cloud Hosting. GoGrid provides hosting on windows and Linux cloud servers. GoGrid charges for cloud hosting include -
  1. Server hours. Server RAM hours are billed at $0.19 per GB of deployed RAM per Hour.
  2. Outbound data transfer. Outbound data transfer is charged at $0.29 per GB.
  3. Cloud Storage usage. Storage is free upto 10GB. Cloud storage charges are $0.15 per GB per month.
There is unlimited inbound data transfer.

The other offering from GoGrid is in the area of Storage-as-a-Service. GoGrids Cloud Storage offering is similar to Amazons S3 offering. GoGrid charges $0.15 per GB per month. Initial 10 GB of disk space is free. There are no charges for data transfer.