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Cloud Computing Platforms

The list has been prepared by Khazret Sapenov. Khazret is founder and chief technology officer of Cloudcor, which serves hundreds of enterprise clients and works closely with a set of managed partners and independent software vendors. In this role, Sapenov is responsible for leading overall strategy and technology direction across the United States and Canada, including employees in IT, partner, marketing, operations and vertical industry teams.

NAME Description Language Supported Frameworks Supported Website Development Status Twitter Vendor # of Developers # of applications Maturity, years Billing Model Performance Metrics Geographical Location of Physical Infrastructure Number of outages who is using it User Rating (1-10) Comments
idigi   Java .Net Python PHP Ruby JavaScript Perl C++ Groovy Node.js Cobol GO Apex               Tenant Density Environment Utilization Scale Time Lag Self-Service Efficiency spare Americas Asia Europe Africa Rest Of world        
30loops_       Python                                                       
Akshell             JavaScript                                                 
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk   Java                  Production, GA   AWS     2           Americas                
AppFog Based on Cloud Foundry. AppFog is a Community Lead for the Cloud Foundry project. Java       Ruby JavaScript     Groovy Node.js Beta (as of Mar. 14/2012)                                        
AppHarbor     .Net                                                         
AppHosted       Python                                                       
Apprenda     .Net                                              
AppScale Open source implementation of Google App Engine Java   Python                 GO   Django                                          
BiasLogic     .Net                                                         
BitNami   Java     PHP Ruby                                                   
CloudAccess Security Platform in the cloud delivered as a service Java .Net Python PHP Ruby JavaScript   C++           see comment Production!/CloudAccess_     5 2 pay-as-you-go/scalable Unlimited through horizontal and vertical scaling                         SIEM, Log Management, Identity Management, Access Management, SaaS SSO, WebSSO
Cloud Control         PHP                                                     
Cloudify Open PaaS Stack Java .Net Python PHP Ruby JavaScript Perl C++ Groovy Node.js       Any Lang, Any Cloud (private, public), buil-in support for NoSQL (Cassandra, Mongo), Solr, Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, MySQL, .. Production Gigaspaces     Core is based on 5 Years IP Free unlimited scale, subscription based support                           Open source, run as private or public cloud hosting
Cloud Foundry Open PaaS Java .Net     Ruby JavaScript     Groovy Node.js       Rails, Sinatra, Spring; Scala(Language)     VMware                                   Open source, run as private or public cloud hosting
CloudBroker platform to run HPC apps                    test phase       7                                
CloudBees   Java               /td>                                           
CloudNode                     Node.js                                          
ConPaaS   Java     PHP                   MapReduce, TaskFarming                                          
Cumulogic   Java                         Java, Spring Beta   CumuLogic     1                             supported by James Gosling, creator of Java
DeployFu     .Net Python             Node.js                                          
DjangoZoom       Python                                                       
Dotcloud   Java   Python PHP Ruby   Perl                                               
EngineYard         PHP Ruby                                                   
ElasticBox   Java .Net Python PHP   JavaScript Perl     Node.js Beta @elasticbox ElasticBox 6 40 1.5                            Python                                                       
FolioCloud   Java                      Fabasoft 50 47 2                 Europe                              Apex   @forcedotcom 480000 185000 6            Runs Apex Code
Gondor       Python                                                       
Google AppEngine Easy to build, Easy to scale, Easy to maintain Java   Python   Ruby       Groovy     GO   Gaelyk, GWT, Spring, Django, webapp2, Tipfy, CherryPy, Pylons, Flask, web2py. Out of Preview @app_engine Google 100000 200000 4           Americas Asia Europe Africa Rest Of world    
Heroku   Java   Python   Ruby         Node.js       Play   @heroku   1200000 5                Additionally runs Scala and Clojure
Jelastic see comment Java                         Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty, Play, OpenCF, Blue Dragon Beta @Jelastic - Jelastic 15000   1 See comment           Americas   Europe Latest generation service that combines the best of IaaS and PaaS: on the one hand gives you full control over servers and supports standard servers with no limitations (Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty, etc.) - on the other gives automated configuration and scaling so you can get up and running in a matter of minutes.
JoyentCloud                     Node.js   Joyent                                      
IP Commerce     .Net                                                         
iKnode see comment   .Net                       .Net, MongoDB Beta @iknode Structum 3 1                                
Moncai     .Net                                                         
mOSAIC Open source cloud middleware platform Java                  alfa   mOSAIC_EC 10 2 1   T                         mOSAIC is an open-source solution for code portability between Clouds (at this moment only for Java)
Mule iON Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Java       Ruby JavaScript     Groovy         Spring, Java, Jetty, CXF, REST, JSON, + connectors to many public API's GA @muleion MuleSoft 105,000+ 1400 1 usage based                            
Nodejitsu                     Node.js                                          
NodeSocket                     Node.js                                          
Nodester                     Node.js                                          
Nuage       Python                                                       
OpenShift Red Hat's free, auto-scaling PaaS Java   Python PHP Ruby   Perl C++ Groovy   Cobol     see comment Developer Preview @openshift Red Hat     3                   
OrangeScape visual IDE                                                             
Oracle Oracle's PaaS Offering Java         JavaScript               Also supports Oracle DBaaS Beta @OracleCloudZone Oracle                                   Should be GA in 1HCY
Orchestra         PHP                                                     
Pagoda Box         PHP                                                     
Phenona               Perl                                               
PHP Fog         PHP                                                     
PiCloud       Python                                                       
Pydra       Python                                                       
Railscloud           Ruby                                                   
Relbit         PHP                                                     
RestBackup Backup web service Java   Python                     The API is REST over HTTPS with JSON. It works in any environment. Production @restbackup                                      
ScaleMatrix CA AppLogic Java .Net Python PHP Ruby JavaScript Perl C++ Groovy Node.js Production @scalematrix CA 12   2                       0      
SlipStream Engineering PaaS Java   Python PHP Ruby JavaScript Perl     Node.js                                          
SmartCloud   Java                      IBM       0.5                          Python                                                       
Stackato Based on Cloud Foundry. ActiveState is the lead for Python support on Cloud Foundry Java           Perl                                               
Standing Cloud Cross-Cloud application management & deployment platform Java   Python PHP Ruby JavaScript        Production @Standing_Cloud       2                              
TechCello     .Net                                                         
TwoSpot   Java   Python                                                       
Uhuru PaaS   Java .Net   PHP Ruby         Node.js       Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, RabbitMQ, MongoDB beta   Uhuru Software     1                             Adds Windows support to Cloud Foundry. Includes everything Cloud Foundry does plus .NET, graphical management, support for popular database management tools, and Visual Studio integration. Allows Windows apps to access Open Source services (like MongoDB, RaabitMQ, etc).
UserGrid Open Source mobile backend built on Cassandra Java .Net Python   Ruby JavaScript Perl C++ Groovy Node.js       API is REST over HTTP with JSON. Includes SDKs for Android and iOS. Beta @usergrid Apigee       Open source (self-hosted) + Free (on demand)                            
VMForce   Java                         spring     VMware                                   VMForce was announced and never materialized. Vaporware.
Azure   Java .Net Python PHP Ruby JavaScript       Node.js       Hadoop on SQL Azure Production   Microsoft     2           Americas Asia Europe     2      
WSO2 StratosLive Open Source Cloud middleware platform delivered as an online service Java                         Tomcat, Synapse, Cassandra, mySQL Production, GA @wso2 WSO2     1                             The WSO2 Stratos platform is offered on-premise and as a service. Stratos delivers a complete, composable, and cohesive middleware services. Available services include application server, enterprise service bus, governance registry, identity management, business process management, content storage service, mashup server, business rules, and data services server
OpDemand PaaS built atop AWS orchestration Java   Python PHP Ruby JavaScript Perl C++ Groovy Node.js   GO   Fully customizable; supports any Linux-based framework, stack or language that can run on AWS